HappyMiner provides warranty service under the terms of the manufacturer. The warranty takes effect after shipment of equipment from the factory.

HappyMiner renders all kinds of assistance to clients in resolving issues of warranty repair. If you have any problems, please contact and describe the situation.

Warranty conditions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The main are listed below.


The warranty period for Bitmain's Miners is 180 calendar days starting from a shipment from the factory.

In case you have found malfunctions, the procedure is::

  • Try to reset the system settings of the miner.
  • Reload the software.
  • Switch on, and wait about 20 minutes. The detailed guideline is available on the manufacturer's website.

If these actions did not lead to the device's regular functioning, this miner most likely would need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Warranty workshops located in Hong Kong and the USA. Delivery is carried out at the expense of the buyer, return - at the cost of the manufacturer.


  • Go to the page and describe the problem.
  • Attach photos of the hash data and the log file of the miner's work.
  • After Bitmain's employee contacts you, you will most likely need to send the miner to one of the workshops, using express delivery services such as DHL,UPS or FedEx
  • Go to the page and issue Repair ticket.
  • You will receive notifications about the progress of the repair by e-mail.


The term of warranty repair for IBeLink is 90 days. At the same time, in general, IBeLink miners are more reliable in their work than products of other manufacturers.

In case of failure of one of the boards, there is no need to transport the entire miner back to the factory; it is enough to remove the small broken board, while the miner can continue to work. At the same time contact the manufacturer and ask to send you the replacement item.


The warranty period for Ebit's miners is 180 calendar days starting from a shipment from the factory. 365 days warranty applies to the control board.

To report problems and get a repair manual, contact the manufacturer.